Peosaali Elisabeth rentimine

Renting the Elisabeth event hall

The Elisabeth event hall is one of the most unique halls of our venue. The view along the Rüütli Street to the Town Hall Square is unique and breathtaking.

The bright event lounge is extraordinary with its view and decorations. The walls are divided into panels in the Pompeian style and there is a porcelain fireplace in the hall that has a motif of a putto who is riding in a carriage on the clouds.

The fireplace illustrates how important it was in the manor house era to design the interior in an artistic way. There is a beautiful stucco décor in the ceiling of the party hall and the upper part of the walls has been decorated with ornaments.

The Elisabeth hall accommodates up to three round tables, i.e. around 30 people can eat there. Maximum capacity without tables is 40 people.

If you are looking for an event hall in Tartu, the Elisabeth hall is perfect for you!