The Knorring Manor House has five unique event halls for rent

Knorring Manor House has five different halls that are all special in their own way and are suitable for various events – be it a wedding, an anniversary celebration, a training, a formal reception, or a rock concert. The halls were named after the ladies of the Knorring family. If you are looking to rent an event hall in Tartu, the Knorring Manor House is perfect for you! Select the halls that you like depending on the type of event and the number of guests and contact us so that we could make you the best offer and you could remember this event for years to come.

The Caroline event hall

Caroline, the biggest and fanciest hall of the Knorring Manor House, with lavishly decorated walls and ceiling. The ceiling is decorated with an incredible stucco rosette and there are oval medallions and flower garlands on the walls.

The Antoinette event hall

The Antoinette hall is unique, as it is the only place in Estonia where the painted grainings, which cover the whole room, are preserved on the walls and the ceiling. It may seem unbelievable, but the walls of this hall have not been made of wood, but the wood-like pattern has been grained on the wall.

The Dorothea event hall

The Dorothea event hall, one of the gems of the Knorring halls, has a grand original painting on its walls that has been preserved as a whole. The rounded corners decorated with ornaments that connect the ceiling and the walls are also very beautiful, as is the stucco rosette in the ceiling.

The Mary Ann event hall

The Mary Ann event hall is the smallest hall in our complex. At the same time, it is very cosy and beautiful with its colourful flower garland that surrounds the upper edge of the wall. The walls of the hall are divided into panels. The gorgeous fireplace in the corner of the room is a standout feature.

The Elisabeth event hall

The Elisabeth event hall is one of the most unique halls of our venue. The view along the Rüütli Street to the Town Hall Square is unique and breathtaking. The bright event lounge is extraordinary with its view and decorations.