The history of the Knorring event halls in Tartu

The Knorring Manor House located at the city centre of Tartu was named after the noble family von Knorring, who were the initial and long-time owners of the house. The centuries-old building located at 36 Lai Street, next to the Botanical Garden, has been described as one of the most authentic examples of classicist architecture in Tartu.

The interior of the preserved building is considered to be one of the most unique and beautiful in Estonia. A lot of noteworthy elements have been preserved in the interior of the main hall and its surrounding rooms. Particularly notable are the valuable stucco décor, decorative medallions and flower garlands hanging on the walls, the original white fireplaces, which are decorated with, for example, a palmette frieze, a huge eagle, and a motif of a putto who is riding in a carriage on the clouds, which all together complement the artistic atmosphere of the interior.

In several halls, the walls are decorated with original murals. The Antoinette hall is one the most unique ones in Estonia, where the graining has been preserved both on the walls and the ceiling. In other rooms, cornices with ornaments have been preserved. Another exceptional aspect is the cellared part dating back to times before the Great Northern War, which is located at the centre of the building and is displayed in the lobby for the guests. In terms of heritage conservation, the Louis XVI-style interior design is particularly important, as this is the only building in Estonia where it has been preserved so well.

The building also has a prestigious background regarding science and culture, because during the first Republic of Estonia, it housed the Estonian Academy of Sciences. The building has been used by both the Estonian University of Life Sciences and the University of Tartu, therefore the centuries-old gem located at the city centre of Tartu has been a place of academic studies for many university students of this town.

As of now, the building has been fully renovated and received a fresh look as one of the most glorious and respectable venues for festive events in Estonia. Located at the city centre of Tartu, right next to the Botanical Garden, Emajõgi, Town Hall Square, and Toomemägi hill, which makes it a unique party venue, where each event feels exceptional, be it an anniversary, a wedding, or a reception.